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The Pizzero - Pizza Oven

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The Ñuke Pizzero wood-fired pizza oven is a centerpiece for the outdoor cooking space of any fire-worshiping foodie. Like all Ñuke products, the Pizzero is hand-made by South American artisans and puts real fire cooking at center stage. The ceramic insulated, dual-wall stainless steel pizza oven quickly reaches the 600+ degree temperatures necessary to sear toppings and seal in the moisture of the dough yielding soft yet char-blistered crust.

Its heat-refracting ceramic cooking floor measuring 34” x 29” can accommodate pizzas as large as 19 inches in diameter. To help home chefs master the authentic flavors of wood-fired pizza, the removable door of the Pizzero has an adjustable oven-draft vent, a built-in thermometer measures up to 700 degrees, and the cooking chamber features a movable fire tray to not only contain the wood or charcoal fuel but to allow the chef to easily slide the heat source around the oven.

The Pizzero includes a coal rake and shovel to manage the fire and assist in easy ash clean up, and its 36-inch capped chimney vents smoke away from the chef while keeping rain out. The durable steel cart provides convenient side shelves, a lower tray for storing wood splits, and hide-away wheels for a seamless look. The Pizzero  includes free shipping anywhere in the continental US.


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