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$100 from Wyoming Ranch Foods with Purchase of a Ñuke Delta

  We are excited to announce that Ñuke has partnered with Wyoming Ranch Foods to offer you a free $100 beef order with the purchase of your Ñuke Delta gaucho grill. Nurtured on the natural grass of the rolling prairies in Wyoming, the state’s signature beef rivals the flavor and marbling of Argentina’s famed gaucho-raised steer. From massive tomahawk steaks to thick-cut short ribs and amazing sausages, Wyoming Ranch Foods will bring your favorite cuts of beef to your next asado. 

Promotional Offer

To get your $100 beef order, simply purchase your Ñuke Delta directly through the Ñuke website, and you will receive a unique coupon code to enter at checkout on the Wyoming Ranch Food website.

Step 1: Purchase your Ñuke Delta:

Step 2: Check your email for the unique coupon code, then visit Wyoming Ranch Foods site to shop their amazing beef selection, here:

Step 3: Order by December 13th to ensure delivery of your Ñuke Delta in time for Christmas (shipping times may vary).

About Wyoming Ranch Foods

Amazing beef is synonymous with both the American cookout and Argentine asado, and Wyoming Ranch Foods delivers some of the best grain finished beef we’ve had the pleasure to put to our flame. Wyoming Ranch Foods is our direct source to the gorgeous cattle ranches in Wyoming where cattle graze on the abundant and sustainable natural grasslands. Nurturing their beef with the same love as the Argentinian gauchos, the ranchers that supply Wyoming Ranch Foods deliver well-marbled and flavorful steaks, ribs and chops that will make your cookout a family event to remember. For more information on Wyoming Ranch Foods and how its sustainably-raised, 100% traceable beef is raised and shipped directly to your door, please visit: