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La Pampeana

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The “Pampeana”, is inspired by the centuries long tradition of Gauchos grilling on Argentine Pampas (prairies). Each piece is caringly crafted by highly trained artisans and by virtue of it’s unique design and features, allows you to produce results that will surprise even the most experienced Chef or adventuresome griller. 

The overall design and rustic metallic exterior of the Pampeana ensures that not only will it compliment aesthetically speaking nearly any surroundings but that it can be used as a stand alone portable grill or as a drop in grill for outdoor kitchens and similar situations.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height of Grill - Adjustable height of grill relative to coals – Prior to applying the coals the Pampeana comes with handles that allow you to adjust the distance of the grill relative to the coals. The total distance ranges from between 4.5” and 6.1”
  • Reflecting tiles - 14 reflecting tiles that cover entire base of the grill evenly distributes and maintains heat.
  • Charcoal - The “Fogonero” or side compartment where the charcoal is started allows you to transfer the heat under the actual grill, in the volume, area and intensity that you want for the desired effect. You can sear, slow cook, or what ever the situation calls for. It also provides additional grilling area
  • Grilling Area - Nearly 5sq feet of total grilling area is ideal for barbecues of as many as 15 people
  • Cutting Board – A built in wooden cutting and serving board conveniently is designed to be able to transfer food directly from the grill to your table.
  • Cleaning – The Pampeana has a side opening for easily removing and disposing of spent coals
  • Storage – A drawer located below the grill allows for convenient storage of accessories.
  • More Storage – The Stylish natural wood rack below base of grill permits storage of charcoal, wood, etc…
  • Cover - The liftable cover allows you to partially trap smoke and helps control the intensity of the heat.
  • Portability - Two wheels permit easy transportation of the Pampeana

Included Accessories:

  • “Atizador”  – Each Pampeana comes with a durable iron “arm” that is used for pushing coals to the desired location
  • Shovel – Included for transferring coals from side compartment to grill area
  • Cover – Durable cover to protect Pampeana from climate
  • Grill Dish