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The Pampa

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Accessories Included in the price: Poker and Shovel 

Inspired by the centuries long tradition of Gauchos grilling on Argentine Pampas (prairies). Each piece is caringly crafted by highly trained artisans and by virtue of it’s unique design and features, allows you to create results that will surprise even the most experienced Chef or adventuresome griller.  

The overall design and rustic metallic exterior of the "Pampa" ensures that not only will it compliment, aesthetically speaking nearly any surroundings but that it can be used as a stand alone portable grill or as a drop in grill for outdoor kitchens and similar situations.

 Accessories Included (see images on the left)

  • Poker – The Delta comes with a POKER that is used to distribute the coals about the base of the grill.
  • Shovel – The Delta comes with a shovel that can be used to transfer coals or for cleanup.



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