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Pizzero – Clearance Sale

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We’re making room for new products! While supplies last, get the wood-fired pizzas of your dreams in your own backyard with the Ñuke Pizzero.

 Enjoy the great taste of a wood fired pizza at home! The Ñuke Pizzero wood-fired pizza oven is the ideal centerpiece for any fire-worshiping foodie’s outdoor cooking space. The insulated, dual-wall stainless steel Pizzero quickly reaches the temperatures necessary to sear toppings and seal in the moisture of the dough yielding soft yet char-blistered crust. Its heat-refracting ceramic cooking floor measuring 34” x 29” can accommodate pizzas as large as 19 inches in diameter. The cooking chamber features a movable fire tray allowing the chef to easily slide the heat source around the oven, and the Pizzero includes a coal rake to manage the fire and a pizza peel. The Pizzero also comes with a durable steel cart with sleek hide-away wheels to ensure it can move around the patio when necessary.


  • VERSATILE: Cook pizzas under the high heat of a large fire or use the adjustable door vent to control temps for roasts, vegetables and breads
  • HIGH-TEMP THERMOMETER: The included thermometer tracks temps up to 1000F, well above the temps needed for true Neapolitan pizza making
  • LUMP CHARCOAL OR WOOD: Whether you prefer wood-fired pizzas or coal-fired pizzas the Pizzero can accommodate either fuel source
  • MOVABLE FIRETRAY: Corals the wood fire and allows the cook to slide throughout the cooking chamber
  • REFRACTORY BRICKS FOR MAXIMUM HEAT: The fire brick base heats evenly and quickly to crisp crust from the bottom up
  • HEAVY DUTY INSULATED DOME: An insulated dual-walled stainless-steel dome made from 304 and 430 grade stainless steel retains the heat even in the coldest climates
  • VENTED OVEN DOOR: The dual-wall insulated oven door includes an intake baffle to control oxygen to the fire for longer cooks
  • HUGE COOKING SURFACE: The 34” x 29” floor can accommodate multiple pizzas or cook dishes
  • WHEELED OVEN STAND: Outfitted with two wheeled legs the black powder coated steel cart allows the oven to be moved around the patio, while its two side shelves and lower rack offer space for storage
  • CHIMNEY AND CHIMNEY HAT: The included chimney, with internal adjustable flue, vents smoke away from the cook and diners; and the chimney cap keeps unwanted leaves and rain from the oven.


  • PIZZA PEEL: An included pizza peel reaches into the hot oven to rotate and retrieve pizzas
  • COAL RAKE: Corralling burning logs or cleaning out remaining ash is made easy with the included rake


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