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Our 1st shipment

Posted by Matt Brothers on
Our 1st shipment
It wasn’t long ago that I made the decision. It was time to follow my dream, to do what I love and try to share that with others.
I LOVE cooking. I LOVE watching people eat! I LOVE building businesses and I REALLY LOVE BARBECUE.
That said and the decision made, it was time for action. What ensued was a mad dash to find the right manufacturing partner and to develop the business from scratch. With a lot of luck, a great partner, and above all else PASSION, we started down the road to what we hope will be an enduring process of sharing the best grills anywhere with all lovers of REAL FIRE BBQ!
Speaking of “starting down the road”, here is our first shipment just leaving the factory in Buenos Aires, on the way to the good ol’ USA!!!

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