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ARGENEXPORT LLC warrants, to the original purchaser of ÑUKE Products that when subject to normal residential use it is free from defects in workmanship and materials for 1 year.

This warranty excludes grills used in rental or commercial applications. It does not apply to rust, corrosion, oxidation, neglect of maintenance, or discoloration, which may occur due to moisture or overheating. It does not cover labor or labor related charges.

If the grill is to be replaced or returned, the original packaging material must be used to prevent further damage to the grill

There may be a shipping and handling charge for the delivery of the warranty part(s). In cases of return authorization, the warranty is only valid at the original site of delivery.

Warranty details for specific parts of grills:
• Refractory Tiles – replacement in case they arrive damaged. If determined to be a result of misuse, customer will pay for shipping.
• Wheels – replacement. If determined to be a result of misuse, customer will pay for shipping.
• Rust and discoloration – If said rust or discoloration affects the safe usage of the grill or oven, we will replace or repair the product. If it is minor, then we will provide the necessary canister of heat resistant spray paint (color may not be exact).
• Grill Grates – 2 years against rust repair or replacement
• Fire box – NA
• Lid and lid mechanism – 2 years repair or replacement
• Elevator mechanism – If your grill comes with an elevator mechanism, with usage, it may become stiff or appear to be inoperable. In most cases, this can be fixed simply by applying lubricant (like WD-40) to the female conduit that receives the base of the grill.


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