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Ñuke Influencer Recruitment


Grilling over real fire is a magical dance of flavors, pageantry and excitement. While the food might be center of attention at any asado, it’s really just the lure that brings family, friends and entire communities together. Here at Ñuke, we’re passionate about real fire grilling, but it’s the new friends and new family met over the grill that truly lights our fire. We are always looking for new friends and family to join our Ñuke American Asado.


As a member of our influencer family, you’ll enjoy early access to new products, grow your audience, all while helping us spread the love of real fire cooking. If you think you’d like to join our growing influencer family, please complete the form below and we’ll follow up soon.


Influencer Benefits

  • Early access to new products
  • Potential for cross-marketing opportunities
  • We’ll help grow your audience
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