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Press Release: Ñuke Launches the Pizzero Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Posted by Zach Heath on
Press Release: Ñuke Launches the Pizzero Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven
Ñuke Launches the Pizzero Wood-Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven
Hand-crafted by artisan builders in South America, the Ñuke Pizzero is the outdoor centerpiece for any fire-worshiping backyard cook.

Miami, F.L. – October 13, 2020 – Argenexport, the exclusive US importer of Ñuke artisan-crafted Argentinian gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens, announced the availability of the Ñuke Pizzero, its new outdoor pizza oven. As the popularity of outdoor cooking continues to grow with Americans spending more leisure time at home, the Ñuke Pizzero stands out as a centerpiece for the outdoor cooking space of any fire-worshiping foodie. Like all Ñuke products, the Pizzero is hand-made by South American artisans and puts real fire cooking at center stage. The Pizzero ships with all the necessary fire-managing accessories and an easy-to-assemble steel rolling cart. The $1,999 MSRP includes free shipping anywhere in the continental US. For more information, or to purchase the Ñuke Pizzero, please visit:

The Ñuke Pizzero combines sleek stainless-steel aesthetics and uncompromising hand-crafted quality. The ceramic insulated, dual-wall stainless steel oven quickly reaches temperatures necessary to sear toppings and seal in the moisture of the dough yielding soft, yet char-blistered crust. Its heat-refracting ceramic cooking floor, measuring 34” x 29”, can accommodate pizzas as large as 19 inches in diameter. To help home chefs master the authentic flavors of rustic wood-fired pizza, the removable door of the Pizzero has an adjustable oven-draft vent and a built-in thermometer measuring up to 700 degrees F. The cooking chamber features a movable fire tray to contain the wood fuel, allowing the chef to fine-tune the distance from the heat by easily sliding the fire around the oven as the food cooks.

“Our new Ñuke Pizzero wood-fired pizza oven will be the standout element in the outdoor kitchen of any foodie that loves to play with fire,” said Matthew Brothers, Managing Director of ÑukeBBQUSA. “Like all Ñuke wood-fired ovens and grills, the Pizzero combines modern styling with old-world tradition, and is hand-crafted with an attention to detail that refined consumers demand.”

The Ñuke Pizzero includes a coal rake and shovel to manage the fire and assist in easy ash clean up, and its 36-inch capped chimney vents smoke away from the chef while keeping rain out. The durable steel cart provides convenient side shelves, a lower tray for storing wood splits, and hide-away wheels for a seamless look.

Ñuke Pizzero Specifications

  • Dual-wall stainless steel construction with durable 304-gauge stainless exterior, and 430-gauge heat-retaining stainless interior
  • 986 square inches of cooking surface lined with heat-refractory bricks
  • Rugged stand with hide-away caster wheels, for easy portability
  • Included accessories: coal rake, ash/coal shovel, chimney and chimney cap, and movable fire tray

For more information and to purchase the Ñuke Pizzero, or to check out the entire Ñuke lineup sold in the United States, please visit:

About Argenexport, LLC DBA ÑukeBBQUSA

Headquartered in Miami, F.L., Argenexport, LLC DBA ÑukeBBQUSA is the exclusive US importer of Ñuke Argentinian-style gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens. Hand-crafted by Argentinian artisans, the Ñuke lineup brings a modern style and functionality to the centuries-long grilling traditions of cooking on the Argentinian pampas (prairies). Ideal for those inspired culinarians that love to play with fire, Ñuke grills bring the authentic flavors, pageantry and excitement of cooking with real wood fire or natural charcoal to any backyard or restaurant. To learn more about the Ñuke collections offered by ÑukeBBQUSA, please visit:


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