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Argentinian Style Grill - Delta Grill (American Asado Package)

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American Asado Package - $1,739

For a limited time, purchase a Nuke Delta and receive:

  • $100 towards a first order of Wyoming Ranch Foods prairie-raised American beef
  • 20 lb. bag of Jealous Devil Signature Chunx XL all-natural quebracho charcoal
  • All Nuke orders are always shipped for free in the US. 


Quebracho wood (known as “axe breaker” for its density) has long been the preferred fuel of traditional Argentine asado. It’s long-lasting, high-heat is ideal for long asado grilling. This Jealous Devil Chunx XL is a pure, all-natural quebracho charcoal specially carbonized for a superior, high-performance burn. Combined with amazing beef cuts from Wyoming Ranch Foods, where their ranchers nurturing the beef with the same love as the Argentinian gauchos, you’ll be grilling like a master asador on your very first cook.

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The Ñuke Delta

Grill like a Gaucho with the Ñuke Delta. Hand-crafted by Argentinian artisans, the Delta is an Argentinian gaucho grill designed to bring a modern style and functionality to the centuries-long grilling traditions on the Argentina Pampas (prairies). The Delta’s heavy-duty brazier-style fire starter basket offers dedicated space to burn the logs (or charcoal), allowing the red-hot coals to fall through the grate to fuel the Ñuke experience. The entire grill is lined with refractory bricks that focus the heat on the height-adjustable, 547 square inch grill grate. Using the included poker and shovel, cooks can bank coals for direct high-heat searing or spread those coals thin for low and slow techniques. The Delta includes its rugged stand with swivel casters and attached steel lid, a full-length vinyl cover, a drawer below the brick-lined base which can be used for accessories or as a warming drawer, and a steel griddle that nests on top of the fire basket for an extra 188 square inches of cooking space.


  • EASY TO USE: No need to be a grill master to learn to cook like a Gaucho!
  • LUMP CHARCOAL OR WOOD: The versatility of the Ñuke Delta allows you complete control for high-heat searing to low-and-slow cooking simply by moving the coals below the cooking surface, or raising and lowering the grill deck
  • REMOVEABLE FIREBOX: Allows coals to freely fall to grill bed so you can place them where you need them.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT GRATE: With its quick adjustment lever you can lower your food to the heat or raise it away from the coals in seconds
  • REFRACTORY BRICKS FOR MAXIMUM HEAT: The heat refractory bricks which line the grill body ensure maximum heat retention and focus all the wood fire on the cooking grate
  • HEAVY DUTY CUSTOM GRIDDLE: Placed over the firebox for an extra 188 square inches of cooking space or right on the grill grate, this included steel plancha is perfect for cooking your vegetables
  • UNDERCABINET STORAGE AND WARMING DRAWER: The under-grill storage compartment is perfect for keeping tools when the grill is not in use, and it heats to a comfortable temperature for keeping side dishes, bread or even the main course warm when cooking
  • HEAVY DUTY, 265 LBS OF CRAFTED STEAL: This heavy-duty grill is built to last and its heavy-duty casters allow one person to easily roll the entire grill on any hard surface
  • HUGE GRILLING AREA: 547 square inches of main cooking area. That’s 25 burgers at one time!


  • POKER – The Delta comes with a fire poker that is used to distribute the coals about the base of the grill
  • SHOVEL – The Delta comes with a shovel that can be used to transfer coals or for easy ash cleanup.
  • GRILL PLATE – The Delta comes with a Grill plate that is usually used on top of the fire box for flat surface grilling
  • COVER - The Delta comes with a durable cover to protect it from the sun and rain

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