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Ñuke Malevo - Portable Cowboy Grill

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Ñuke Malevo  - Portable Cowboy Grill


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With easy access to the coal bed, you can control the heat on your charcoal grill for high-heat searing or low-and-slow real-fire grilling. Hand-made by local artisans in Argentina, the portable Malevo Cowboy Grill is a 20-inch round charcoal or wood-fired grill that easily transforms into a firepit.

The Malevo includes a full-sized grate, a half grill grate, and a traditional Argentine asado grate system that allows meats to be cooked low-and-slow over real fire. With its included accessories, the Malevo can easily transition from hot-and-fast searing, to low-and-slow grilling for larger cuts like spatchcocked chicken and ribs by adjusting the angle of the asado grate.

Featuring removable adjustable-height legs, the Malevo can be set up as a ground-level fire pit, or waist-height charcoal and wood grill. A hinged side door built into the heavy-duty steel body provides easy access to the nine-inch-deep coal bed for adding fuel or arranging coals to control the heat. The Malevo features a wooden side table that attaches to the grill, and a poker is included to adjust the coals.

The Malevo includes:

  • FULL-SIZED GRILL GRATE: Take full advantage of the 314 square inch grilling area with a full round grate.
  • HALF GRILL GRATE: The split half grate provides a 157 square inch grilling surface, and dual half grates can be combined for more flexibility.
  • ASADO GRATE SYSTEM: The most traditional of all Argentine grilling techniques, the asado grate system, allows the full-sized grill grate to be adjusted to three different positions to control cooking temperatures while meat hooks keep the food in place.
  • SIDE TABLE: An added side table provides space to keep grill tools and foods while cooking.
  • POKER: Adjust coals with the included poker.


  • EASY TO USE: With the familiarity of a kettle grill, there is no need to be a grill master to learn to cook like a cowboy!
  • LUMP CHARCOAL OR WOOD: The versatility of the Ñuke Malevo allows you complete control from high-heat searing to low-and-slow cooking simply by moving the coals below the cooking surface.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: With adjustable telescopic legs, the Ñuke Malevo offers campfire-style cooking without having to crouch over the fire.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE GRILL CONFIGURATIONS: Mix and match an array of cooking surfaces to fit your style of grilling.
  • PORTABLE: With its adjustable legs collapsed, the Malevo can easily fit into a car trunk for transport to the campsite or tailgate.