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Outdoor Oven 60 - 23.5"

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Ñuke ovens come in two sizes, 23.5 inches deep and are designed to cook all kinds of foods with enveloping heat. Whether you want to cook ribs, chicken, bread, or a whole pig, Ñuke ovens are the perfect way to create a wonderful meal.

There are two racks, and on the second rack you can bake items such as vegetables, pizzas, calzones, empanadas, lasagna, etc.. The refractory tiles on the floor of the oven are also perfect for cooking authentic brick oven pizza.

The ovens have smoke a outlet and steam outlet independently, so that the cooking chamber keeps the food with its original flavors, without being invaded by the smell of smoke.

You can have permanent control of the cooking temperature, since it has a pyrometer, for the maintenance of the ideal cooking temperature between 300 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The combustion chamber, has an individual door, and the air regulator, helps to ensure a a rapid ignition. If the temperature is very high it can be controlled by closing the air regulator.

The ovens also have a cover that extends to the base that protects it from moisture.

They also come with: 

  • A shovel
  • A poker
  • 2 racks
  • Stainless Steel roasting tray

It has a handle and wheels to be transported to the place you want for a pleasant cooking.

Both chambers have refractory bricks for the best use of heat. 

The stainless steel trays measure 15.3 by 21.25inches in the Ñuke 60 oven and 15.3 inches x 30.8 inches in the Ñuke 90 oven

The support tray grids are chrome-plated and slide-out, allowing you to cook large pieces with a single tray.


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