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Tradition and Inspiration

For as long as human kind has known fire, it has known Barbecue, and while it may have started as a means for survival, it has become so much more. 

Barbecue is not supposed to be quick. We hope that for you, grilling is a time for friends, conversation, and above all, a good time. There is no substitute for the satisfaction of starting a fire and then experiencing the slow advance of the natural smoke, laden with the aroma of food being prepared. It is a time for anticipation and creativity, knowing that what comes next, what you had a hand in creating, is going to be memorable. 
We take our inspiration from the Gauchos, those free spirits of the Argentine Pampas that would ride the vast plains on horseback for weeks on end, taking care of their precious cattle. At the end of a long day, it was simple, a campfire, the moon, the stars, and above all else, a good barbecue with other Gauchos.
We sincerely hope that Real Fire BBQ can help you and your Gaucho buddies find a little bit of the Pampas wherever you are.
That is the Real Fire Way.