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Patagonia Wood Fire Grill - Ñuke Patagonia Fire Pit

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$975.00 - FREE SHIPPING 

The Ñuke Patagonia firepit and grill is a campfire cooking dream. Build an open fir for family gatherings, then slow-roast meats on the included asado cross or sear burgers and steaks on the provided grill grate. Whether you are grilling or chilling, the Patagonia brings the entire family together around the open fire.

The Ñuke Patagonia Fire Pit combines the essence of traditional Patagonian cooking with modern construction and convenience.  The heavy-duty heat-retaining steel fire ring elevates the coal bed off the ground for accessible fire management, and protects the coals from the wind to minimize flare ups. The large 33-inch diameter fire pit offers space to bank coals to cook at different temperatures around the pit. With its half grill grate, and adjustable and movable iron asado cross, the Ñuke Patagonia puts an array of high-heat and low-and-slow grilling techniques at the asador’s fingertips. With its grilling accessories removed, the Ñuke Patagonia transitions from hearth to fire pit for all to gather around.

The Ñuke Patagonia includes:

  • HEAVY-DUTY FIRE RING: The 33-inch diameter fire ring elevates the coal bed for easier access.
  • VERSATILE HALF GRILL GRATE: The split half grate provides a 227 square inch grilling surface, and dual half grates can be combined for more flexibility.
  • ASADO IRON CROSS: The most traditional of all Argentine grilling techniques, the iron asado cross adjusts to three different angles over the fire, and can be moved around the fire ring to control cooking temperatures.
  • PORTABLE: Welded handles make moving the Patagonia Fire Pit easy.
  • POKER: An included fire poker to manage burning wood and coals.


  • TRANSITIONS FROM FIRE PIT TO OPEN FIRE GRILL: The Patagonia Fire Pit is designed to function as a standard fire pit, and then transition to open fire grill in seconds.
  • ADJUSTABLE AND MOVABLE ASADO CROSS: The traditional iron asado cross features a mount that easily adjusts to three different cooking angles, and the entire mount can be moved around the fire ring.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE GRILL CONFIGURATIONS: Use the included half grate for grilling over live fire, or add a second half grate for added cooking space.
  • PORTABLE: Welded handles make moving the Patagonia Fire Pit easy.
  • ACCESSORIES: Ships with a half grill grate, iron cross, poker.

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