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Ñuke BBQ USA Releases New Malevo Cowboy Grill

Posted by Zach Heath on
Ñuke BBQ USA Releases New Malevo Cowboy Grill
Ñuke BBQ USA Releases New Malevo Cowboy Grill
Designed to bring the traditional Argentine barbecue techniques to American home cooks in a grill style familiar to the market.

Estero, F.L. – March 22, 2023 Ñuke BBQ USA, the US distributor of Ñuke artisan-crafted Argentine gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens, has announced the launch of the new charcoal or wood-fired Malevo Cowboy Grill. The portable 20-inch round grill offers the ease-of-use of a kettle grill but with added features and accessories that open up the world of traditional Argentine grilling techniques. With its grilling accessories removed, the Malevo also serves as a portable fire pit ready to go camping, to the beach or to the tailgate.

Sitting atop three telescopic legs, the Malevo is designed to easily transition from waist-height grill to ground-level fire pit. Its nine-inch-deep coal bed features a side access door that swings open allowing home cooks to add more fuel or adjust the coals to control cooking temperatures without removing the cooking grates. The Malevo also easily transitions between grilling techniques by sliding in an included griddle or half grill grate. For cooks looking to grill low-and-slow over real wood or charcoal fire, the Malevo also features a unique asado grate system. Meat hooks integrated with the full-sized grill grate allow larger cuts to be hooked in place, and the grate can then be slid into the adjustable three-position asado mount to control cooking temperatures over indirect heat.

“The Malevo Cowboy Grill is our latest do-it-all charcoal or wood-burning grill and firepit,” said Lucas Servera, Director of Business Development for Nuke BBQ USA. “The grill can be set up as a traditional charcoal grill or, with its included asado accessories, for low-and-slow barbecuing in the traditional Argentine style. Also, with the included griddle, make smash burgers, eggs or pancakes can all come from the same grill.” 

Accessories provided with Ñuke Malevo Portable Cowboy Grill include:

  • FULL-SIZED GRILL GRATE: Take full advantage of the 314 square-inch grilling area with a full round grate.
  • HALF GRILL GRATE: The split half grate provides a 157 square-inch grilling surface, and dual half grates can be combined for more flexibility.
  • HALF GRIDDLE: The split half griddle measures 157 square-inches, and can be doubled up to expand the plancha when necessary.
  • ASADO GRATE SYSTEM: The most traditional of all Argentine grilling techniques, the asado grate system, allows the full-sized grill grate to be adjusted to three different positions to control cooking temperatures while meat hooks keep the food in place.
  • WOODEN SIDE TABLE: An attached side table provides space to keep grill tools and foods while cooking.
  • GRILL COVER & POKER: Adjust coals with the included poker, and keep the grill protected from the elements with the full-length grill cover.

MSRP for the new Malevo Cowboy Grill is $850.00 and it ships for free in the continental US. For more information on the Malevo or to order a grill today, please visit:

Ñuke BBQ USA Availability

All Ñuke BBQ USA products are available for purchase directly through the company website with free shipping in the continental United States at Additionally, Ñuke BBQ USA wood-fire grills and ovens are available through several online retailers, well as numerous brick-and-mortar retail stores throughout the US. To find a local retailer near you, please visit:

About Argenexport, LLC DBA Ñuke BBQ USA

Headquartered in Estero FL, Argenexport, LLC DBA Ñuke BBQ USA is the exclusive US importer of Ñuke Argentinian-style gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens. Hand-crafted by Argentinian artisans, the Ñuke lineup brings a modern style and functionality to the centuries-long grilling traditions of cooking on the Argentinian pampas (prairies). Ideal for those inspired culinarians that love to play with fire, Ñuke grills bring the authentic flavors, pageantry and excitement of cooking with real wood fire or natural charcoal to any backyard or restaurant. To learn more about the Nuke collections offered by Ñuke BBQ USA, please visit:


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