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Ñuke Expands Partnership with Wyoming Ranch Foods with Santa Maria Grill Package

Posted by Zach Heath on
Ñuke Expands Partnership with Wyoming Ranch Foods with Santa Maria Grill Package

Miami, F.L. – February 8, 2022 Ñuke BBQ USA, the US distributor of Ñuke artisan-crafted Argentine gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens, is excited to announce the expansion of its partnership with Wyoming Ranch Foods to offer real-fire grillers a free $150 beef order with the purchase of a Ñuke Santa Maria Grill Package. Raised on the natural grasses of the Wyoming prairies, the steaks, chops, sausages and roasts provisioned by Wyoming Ranch Foods are amazing when kissed by the real-wood flames of Ñuke’s Puma Santa Marina-style Grill. For more information on this offer, please visit:

This limited-time offer retails for $2,999.00 and includes free shipping in the continental United States. The package includes:

  • An award-winning Ñuke Puma Santa Maria-style Grill
  • $150 towards your selection of beef cuts from Wyoming Ranch Foods
  • Ñuke table warmer
  • 15-piece set of Ñuke grill tools and cutlery

Wyoming Ranch Foods is your direct source to the gorgeous cattle ranches in Wyoming where cattle graze on the abundant and sustainable natural grasslands. Nurturing their beef with the same love as the Argentinian gauchos, the ranchers that supply Wyoming Ranch Foods deliver well-marbled and flavorful steaks, ribs and chops that will make any cookout a family event to remember. For more information on Wyoming Ranch Foods and how its sustainably-raised, 100% traceable beef is raised and shipped directly to your door, please visit:

For fans of the Ñuke Delta Argentine Gaucho Grill, Ñuke has also extended its popular Master Grillers Package. Initially a popular holiday offer, the package includes $100 towards a chosen selection of beef from Wyoming Ranch Foods along with a  Ñuke grilling skillet and a 3-piece barbecue cutlery set. The Delta Master Grillers Package is available here:

About Argenexport, LLC DBA Ñuke BBQ USA

Headquartered in Miami, F.L., Argenexport, LLC DBA Ñuke BBQ USA is the exclusive US importer of Ñuke Argentinian-style gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens. Hand-crafted by Argentinian artisans, the Ñuke lineup brings a modern style and functionality to the centuries-long grilling traditions of cooking on the Argentinian pampas (prairies). Ideal for those inspired culinarians that love to play with fire, Ñuke grills bring the authentic flavors, pageantry and excitement of cooking with real wood fire or natural charcoal to any backyard or restaurant. To learn more about the Nuke collections offered by Ñuke BBQ USA, please visit:


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