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Press Release: Ñuke Puma Named Best New Wood Burning Grill of 2021 by

Posted by Zach Heath on
Press Release: Ñuke Puma Named Best New Wood Burning Grill of 2021 by
Ñuke Puma Named Best New Wood Burning Grill of 2021 by
Real wood-fired grilling has taken off in the last year as Americans look to the outdoor kitchen as a safe place to entertain family and friends, and the Ñuke Puma has become the hearth around which they gather.

Miami, F.L. – December 1, 2021 – Argenexport, the exclusive US importer of Ñuke artisan-crafted Argentinian gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens, is honored to announce its Ñuke Puma has been named's Best New Wood Burning Grill for 2021. As the Internet’s leading resource for BBQ and grilling information, and its dedicated crew of hands-on grill testers review hundreds of new products every year. In 2020, the Ñuke Delta was among the site’s Best New Products; and now in 2021, the Ñuke Puma joins the same coveted list.

Hand-made by local artisans in Argentina, the Ñuke Puma is a Santa Marina-style wood-fired grill featuring a heavy-duty brazier-style fire starter basket where real wood or natural lump charcoal is burnt to hot embers. A quintessential Santa Maria-style control wheel raises or lowers the grill grate allowing asadores (pit masters) to control the heat cook by cooking anywhere from 4” to 23” from the coals. The Puma is outfitted with traditional V-shaped grill grates that avoid flare-ups by channeling drippings away from the fire. Fabricated from a combination of high-grade stainless and heavy-gauge steel, the Puma is both extremely durable and an attractive centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen.

In its review of the Puma, perfectly captured the sheer joy of cooking for family and friends on the Puma, noting, “if you’re a pyro at heart and like tending fire and food, you’ll love this stylish outdoor showpiece…It’s a great way to spend time outdoors like a caveman and be the hero come dinnertime.”

“An Argentinian asado is more than just a meal cooked over real fire, it’s how an entire nation celebrates birthdays, weddings and cultural events,” said Matthew Brothers, Founder and Managing Director of ÑukeBBQUSA. “We brought Ñuke grills to America to share Argentina’s love of real fire cooking, and we have been amazed by the embrace of these traditions here.'s continued recognition of the work our artisan craftsmen put into our entire product line has been truly wonderful.”

As months of pandemic living drove Americans to seek out ways to safely entertain family and friends at home, real wood fire cooking has seen a major resurgence. According to Clint Cantwell,’s whimsically-titled SVP of Whatever, “Much of the innovation we’ve seen this year reflects the fact that, due to COVID-19, so many families are taking road trips for vacation instead of getting on an airplane.” The day-long pageantry of an Argentinian asado has proven to be the type of whole-family quality time that Americans needed.

The Ñuke Puma, along with the entire lineup of Ñuke’s Argentinian gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens are available direct, through a growing network of online and brick-and-mortar retail locations and on popular ecommerce outlets. For more information on the Ñuke lineup available in the United States, please visit

About Argenexport, LLC DBA ÑukeBBQUSA

Headquartered in Miami, F.L., Argenexport, LLC DBA ÑukeBBQUSA is the exclusive US importer of Ñuke Argentinian-style gaucho grills and wood-fired outdoor ovens. Hand-crafted by Argentinian artisans, the Ñuke lineup brings a modern style and functionality to the centuries-long grilling traditions of cooking on the Argentinian pampas (prairies). Ideal for those inspired culinarians that love to play with fire, Ñuke grills bring the authentic flavors, pageantry and excitement of cooking with real wood fire or natural charcoal to any backyard or restaurant. To learn more about the Nuke collections offered by ÑukeBBQUSA, please visit:



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