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The Puma Grill (July Independence Month Package)

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Santa Maria-Style Grill - Puma Grill (July Independence Month Package)


For a limited time, purchase a Nuke Puma and receive:

$150 towards a first order of Wyoming Ranch Foods prairie-raised American beef.

Brown Suede Full Length Apron with pockets. 

20 lb. bag of Jealous Devil Signature Chunx XL all-natural quebracho charcoal.

All Nuke orders are always shipped for free in the US. 

$2,999.00– Free US Shipping


On July 4th Americans will celebrate our Independence Day and a mere few days later Argentina will light up with a similar day of festivities in celebration of its own Dia De La Independencia on July 9th. Americans and Argentinians alike love to celebrate with parades and fireworks, and of course the tradition of fire-kissed meats, sausages and other indulgent delights. This year, join the joint celebration of liberty and freedom by bringing some Argentine grilling techniques to your favorite American foods with our special limited time July Independence Month Package.


Ñuke Puma Named Best New Wood Burning Grill of 2021 by Amazing Ribs

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Hand-made by local artisans in Argentina, the Ñuke Puma features a heavy-duty brazier-style fire starter basket where real wood or natural lump charcoal is burnt to hot embers before they are slid onto heat refractory bricks under the grill. A quintessential Santa Maria-style control wheel raises or lowers the grill grate allowing asadors to cook from 4” to 23” from the coals. The distance from the coals controls the cooking temperature, allowing for high-heat searing of thinner cut steaks or vegetables or low-and-slow cooking of thicker roasts or racks of ribs. The Puma is also outfitted with traditional V-shaped grill grates to channel drippings away from the fire to avoid flare-ups. Made from a combination of high-grade stainless and heavy-gauge steel, the Puma is both extremely durable and an attractive centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen. The Puma comes with a cast iron plancha to overlay the brazier for flat-top cooking, a wheeled-cart featuring accessory hooks, as well as a fire poker and shovel for managing the coals and easy ash clean up.




  • EASY TO USE: No need to be a grill master to learn to cook like a Gaucho!
  • LUMP CHARCOAL OR WOOD: The versatility of the Ñuke Puma allows you complete control for high-heat searing to low-and-slow cooking simply by moving the coals below the cooking surface, or raising and lowering the grill deck
  • TRADITIONAL V-SHAPED GRILL GRATES: The V-shaped grates channel fat and drippings away from the fire to avoid flareups
  • DEDICATED FIREBOX: Burn real wood or natural charcoal down to coals in the heavy-duty brazier fore box before sliding them under the cooking zone
  • CONTROL WHEEL: The quintessential Santa Maria-style control wheel raises and lowers the grill grate from 4” to 23” inches to switch from high-heat searing to low-and-slow grilling
  • REFRACTORY BRICKS FOR MAXIMUM HEAT: The heat refractory bricks which line the grill body ensure maximum heat retention and focus all the wood fire on the cooking grate
  • DUAL STEEL DURABILITY: Combining high-grade stainless cook surfaces and heavy-gauge steel exterior give the Puma a durable and rustic look
  • HEAVY DUTY CUSTOM GRIDDLE: Placed over the firebox for an extra cooking space or right on the grill grate, this included steel plancha is perfect for cooking your vegetables
  • FRONT ACCESS DOOR: A front access door opens to easily reach and adjust the coals under the grill grates, and can be close to further focus heat



  • POKER – Comes with a fire poker that is used to distribute the coals about the base of the grill
  • SHOVEL – Includes a coal shovel that can be used to transfer hot coals or for easy ash cleanup
  • GRILL PLATE – The provided grill plate can be used on top of the fire box or the grill grate for flat plancha grilling
  • COVER - The PUMA comes with a durable cover to protect it from the sun and rain



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